Is Tomorrowland the work of Satan?

TomorrowLand is perhaps the worlds biggest music festival. It's held annually

TomorrowLand is one of the most internationally diverse events in the world, with visitors from over 214 nations all over the globe (more than the Olympics).

Is TomorrowLand a dangerous NWO faux love machine leading many to worship what is false and will do them harm? Are the abundant mirrors stealing energy from the crowd, as they hold up their chipped wrist bands…sheep being made ready for the mark, is this rave a Satanic mass in drag?..

TomorrowLand’s celebration of the goddess of magic isn’t really all that subtle. If you are familiar with her symbols you can see what is the more telling, the layering of Occult embedding.

This Electric Music Festival has just completed its tenth year.  It started in Boom, Belgium and has since gone to three other locations:  Atlanta, Georgia; South Africa and São Paulo, Brazil.  It is looking to go to other countries.