Readers’ Submission …

Please send this message to Mr. Trump and his team that the events which happen all over America now is the part of stragtegic plans from the Iluminati(the devils) side which had the bankers, politicians, rulers, medias and unlawful citizens joined together for making this un-peaceful things happen in order to press Mr. Trump to refuses to take the position of President of America.So, he have to stand firm and fight the good fight of faith! And asks his supporters(Christians)to pray more and resist the Devils! In the same time he have to be careful for himself and his family members security, including Mr. Pence and his family members as well. Takes the President Kennedy and his younger brother as the example to prepare the security protection for Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence family!

Yes indeed, if riots continue Obama will seize full reign by executive order! The riots in South Korea are set-up to boost the rioters in The States!

But above all Gods planning’s are being executed!!!