The Talk: Does controlled opposition exist?

The controlled opposition… are they really on our side as they say? How can you better recognize them?

Do controlled opposition figures ever tell you and me the truth? 
The controlled opposition often tells the truth, but only aspects of the truth that the elite tolerate: their henchmen. It is that part of the truth that does not really threaten their power, but only seems to threaten it. However, truths that the elite want the masses to ignore, or which humanity should remain ignorant of, are either left out or proclaimed as half-truths.

To prevent much more serious things from coming to light, this truth movement directs and controls the alternative media. You can find them everywhere, worldwide!

It is shocking when the connections become visible, because often they are recognised by their connections.

How do you know without a doubt whether someone belongs to the controlled opposition? 

Manny politicians, doctors and others who are heavily promoted, and passionately feed us with information almost daily, are impostors and are purely controlled opposition. 
These prominent figures are often New Agers, Freemasons, Satanists, Occultists…and you may recognize them by the following:

Characteristics of the controlled opposition

  • They are very good speakers
  • They are invited on all kinds of video platforms and channels and programs
  • They know little, or much less, censorship
  • They don’t work alone
  • They seem to be closely connected, work together, form a team
  • They have many important connections, public or behind the scenes
  • They know a lot more than they show
  • They give you partial misinformation
  • They lead the truth movement as Cons, Shills
  • They are sponsored, for example by the UN
  • Donations and subscribers are important to them too
  • They use fear, drive you to take action, to rebel, if necessary by force
  • Lead or push you towards the New Age New World Order
  • You can often recognize them immediately by their logo or symbols
  • Some like to use certain numbers and Masonic hand gestures
  • When they pretend to be Christian, you don’t see or feel anything of the Holy Spirit in them, on the contrary
  • They bring you another, a false gospel
  • They are very good actors and they often have two faces
  • They have been trained for years and may still be training
  • They use their charms
  • They give you false hope
  • Their websites collect your data, so does social media
  • They usually have hundreds or thousands of viewers or listeners in no time
  • By paying attention to who they interview, one can recognize them
  • They use expletives like empowerment, global innovation, the great awakening, the knowledge economy, community, together…
  • They lie
  • They promote each other
  • Their websites often speak volumes
  • Many cousin websites republish their article or video the same day!

There may be many more characteristics, and not all characteristics apply to every person.

How do you think about controlled opposition? Do they exist? Or is it too far fetched? Share your thoughts or contribution in the comments section below.