Press release: Eurosystem (ECB) launches a digital Euro project

The European Central Bank announced that they have decided to launch a digital euro project to combine the efficiency of a digital payment instrument with the safety of central bank money. According to the ECB it would help to deal with situations in which people no longer prefer cash, and it would avoid dependence on digital means of payment issued and controlled from outside the euro area, which might undermine financial stability and monetary sovereignty.

Digitalisation has spread to every corner of our lives and transformed how we pay. According to the ECB a digital euro would guarantee that citizens in the euro area can maintain costless access to a simple, universally accepted, safe and trusted means of payment, in this new era.

According to the European Central Bank the digital euro would still be a euro: like banknotes but digital. It would be an electronic form of money issued by the Eurosystem (the ECB and national central banks) and accessible to all citizens and firms. A digital euro would not replace cash, but rather complement it. The Eurosystem will continue to ensure that you have access to cash across the euro area. A digital euro would give you an additional choice about how to pay and make it easier to do so, contributing to accessibility and inclusion.

Although the ECB is stating that the protection of privacy would be a key priority, what will ensure and maintain the trust in the digital euro and payments in the digital age, there is no further information about the regulation of the digital ‘Crypto’ Euro.

In contrary to the Euro Coin, the Bitcoin and other present day crypto’s are regulated by the blockchain technique. A technique whereby a growing list of all transactions (records), called blocks, are regulated by being linked together using cryptography and timestamps, guaranteeing security of the payment and more important independency from the classic regulators (bankers).

Evendo the ECB ensures the safety of the digital Euro, the questions remains; who will regulate the Euro Coin, or who holds the control of the digital Euro coin? A fully controlled ‘Crypto’ Euro gives the regulator the full option to lock out anybody who doesn’t walk by the rules of the law, out of the system preventing the offender or who ever, from buying, selling or partaking within the system!

Although the ECB is painting a beautiful pictures stating a long list of benefits coming along with the introduction of the Euro Coin, the adversary is announcing the coming of the beast system! A system controlled by The Biblical Beast in the Book of Revelation. Whereby carrying its’ number includes everybody within its’ system of self-worship, and those who refuse are excluded from buying and selling! A number with a hidden meaning almost a cryptographically number from the Greek word crypto, meaning hidden or secret.

Also the Bank of America has discussed the benefits of a US central bank digital currency in a new report.

Bank of America: ‘U.S. digital currency could save dollar status’

Also the Bank of America has discussed the benefits of a US central bank digital currency in a new report.

“Central bank digital currencies are the inevitable evolution of today’s electronic currencies,” said the Bank of America. 
The bank released a report in January entitled “US CBDC: First Step in a Long Journey.” It stated that a central bank digital currency (CBDC) would be different from existing digital money. This would be so, because it would be the responsibility of the Federal Reserve. According to the bank, it would pose no credit or liquidity risk to the digital currency.

The report also stated that the US would benefit from issuing a digital currency. It could ensure that the dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency. However, the report failed to explain how a digital currency would achieve this.  

“Potential benefits include preserving the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency, and improving cross-border payments.”

The US digital dollar is expected to be launced between 2025 and 2030

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