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Press Magazine – Independent, rigorous, thruth-led and open to all – is a critical tool to confront todays arbitrariness and madness. It’s never been more vital than at this moment, when world leaders and mainstream media are filtering and modifying the facts before releasing to the public. We we rely on readers to fund our work – so millions more can gain knowledge and understanding. Together, we can continue to build a sustainable and professional independent media platform.

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Unlike many news organisations, we have kept our journalism open to our global audience. We have not put up a paywall as we believe everyone deserves access to quality journalism, at a time when factual, honest reporting is critical.

We chose a model that means our reporting is open to everyone, funded by our readers. This support safeguards our essential editorial independence, emboldening us to challenge the powerful and shed light where others won’t.

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Press Magazine has an illustrious record of holding power to account and championing the voices of those less heard. Our Covid-19 investigations exposed governmental and social failings, as did our earlier work on the Snowden disclosures, the Windrush scandal, Cambridge Analytica and the Panama Papers. We are passionate about social justice, fairness and progress. We remain dedicated to truth and to bringing about a more hopeful future.

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