Totalitarian Dutch political party D66 wants to start banning political parties

D66 is beginning to manifest itself more and more as a relaunch of the banned NSB. Party chairman Jan Paternotte thinks it is a good plan to ban FVD. The reason is the statements of Gideon van Meijeren in which a call can be heard to occupy the Lower House. Paternotte wakes up the NOS and NRC have since rectified this reporting. This is filthy vote-casting. FVD will do well to sue D66 for libel and slander.

The totalitarian deranged D66 compares FVD to a motorcycle gang. Since when does FVD deal in drugs and get into fights with rival parties? If it were up to Paternotte, the Public Prosecution (OM) would become the body that would soon be allowed to determine whether a party should be banned or not. Of course, the objective Public Prosecutor’s Office that many D66 voters work for. If this plan of D66 succeeds, the Netherlands will in fact be a dictatorship. All parties to the right of D66 will be banned if they fart wrong.

D66 is beginning to behave more and more totalitarian. Dissenters must be gagged. Especially if you dare to state that the Netherlands and the Dutch should come first. Everything idiotic is normalized, think transgenderism, pedophilia and woke. Rural culture should be wiped out, farmers gone they are supposedly the big polluters because of a paper nitrogen problem. Food we get from abroad. If you disagree with nationalist countries (Poland, Hungary and Russia) you punish them (ed. with EU sanctions) or declare war on them. Holland is for everyone so everyone is welcome. If necessary we kick Dutch people out of anti-squat houses.

Sigrid Kaag’s D66 lets everyone free and no one fall. As long as you share D66’s globalist agenda. D66’s agenda full of Dutch hatred and totalitarianism is starting to lean more and more towards treason and fascism.

D66 would like to expand a law already in place to ban motorcycle gangs. Political parties are now exempt and cannot be banned just like that, but that exemption may disappear as far as D66 is concerned.